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Solar Control Film

Does the appearance of your building’s solar control film really matter?

To a certain extent, you might imagine that when it comes to window films for repelling excessive solar glare and heat gain, how the film that you purchase looks will be a deeply secondary consideration.

After all, will many observers – whether from the inside or outside of the building to which the solar control film is to be applied – even take much notice of the film’s visual characteristics, or realise you have installed window film at all?

Be ready with the right solar control film for when the temperatures begin to rise

It may seem a strange priority for anyone with responsibility for a building where excessive heat gain and glare can be problems, to specifically seek out solar control film during the winter. Surely, the conditions that would necessitate the installation of such a product at almost any building, would rarely or never arise at this time of year?

Sometimes, your building’s solar control film will need to be an external one

You might think that as a specifier or end-user, you know precisely why you are purchasing a particular solar control film for a given building for which you are responsible. Surely, such window films chiefly serve the purpose of rejecting excessive heat gain and tackling the glare that can be so distracting and uncomfortable for the users of so many buildings like yours?

For both summer heat rejection and winter heat retention, consider our Low-E films

While the recent elevated temperatures and the associated discomfort that can result in the workplace have naturally been the chief concern for many of us over the last few weeks and months, when your organisation is in the market for solar control film, it also shouldn’t overlook the undesirability of the opposite situation. We are, of course, referring to the possibility of considerable heat being lost from your buildings through the windows during the looming colder months.

Even the most specialised external solar control film can be ordered here at Stockfilms

We have discussed previously here on the Stockfilms blog how our external films for rejecting solar glare and heat gain differ in construction from their internally applied counterparts, having been made specifically to be weather resistant in the face of otherwise damaging ultra-violet (UV) rays.