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Be ready with the right solar control film for when the temperatures begin to rise

It may seem a strange priority for anyone with responsibility for a building where excessive heat gain and glare can be problems, to specifically seek out solar control film during the winter. Surely, the conditions that would necessitate the installation of such a product at almost any building, would rarely or never arise at this time of year?

That might well be an understandable observation to make. However, there are several very good reasons to turn to a supplier like Stockfilms for solar control film right now, and not merely the fact that this type of film is very easy to obtain at the height of the winter months.

Glare and heat gain can be issues during any and every season

As climate change continues to bring serious implications for our winters and summers alike, it is becoming harder and harder to be sure that high levels of solar energy and troubling glare won’t be problems during any given season.

In any case, even if the weather during the day in the winter is never especially sunny for the occupants of your building, glare can still happen. In fact, it might turn out to be an even greater inconvenience at this time of year than in the summer, thanks to the lower-lying sun.

This all means that whether you are a specifier or end user, if you are responsible for a particular building, you might not want to take the risk of simply waiting until the spring or summer before you enquire to a company like Stockfilms about solar control film.

Remember, too, that solar control film isn’t purely about solar control

Another convincing justification for purchasing solar control film for your building without delay, is the simple fact that the other reasons for buying such film – like the need to achieve certain aesthetic effects or maximise privacy for users of the rooms within – remain pertinent and pressing all year round.

You may be especially interested in ordering our reflective solar protection films, for example, due to their highly mirrored external appearance during the day that prevents observers from peering inside. Or perhaps you are instead most drawn to our understated tinted window film or even our striking coloured films, which have their own excellent track record of repelling solar heat gain and reducing glare?

All of these intriguing solutions, and many more, can be sourced at excellent prices from Stockfilms this festive season. So, why wait any longer to request a competitive quote for any of these renowned products, when you can do so right now, and give yourself invaluable peace of mind this winter as a conscientious and responsible end user or specifier?