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The most effective product for one-way privacy is the Grey/Silver 10 Privacy Mirror. This product is reflective Silver to the face of the film with a dark tint to the adhesive side. It prevents vision through on the ‘public’ side due to the high reflection, and on the ‘private’ side it is easier to see out as there is little reflection. This product is still dependant on the light levels each side of the glass, the ‘public’ side needs to be 3 times brighter than the ‘private’ side.
There is no product in the window film industry that has a complete one-way privacy all the time. This is because all one-way privacy films are dependent on the light level each side of the glass, so when it is darker on the ‘public’ side (or at night time) the privacy reverses.
The darker the film the better it is when trying to reduce the glare as it prevents the light penetrating through the glass. We recommend a 20% or darker film as the most effective for reducing glare.
There is no clear film that helps reduce glare, as a tint is needed to prevent the light/glare from coming through the glass. A medium tint (e.g. 35%) would do a small percentage to reduce the glare and you can still see through, but for the best glare control we would recommend 20% or darker.
We recommend a professional installer to install your window film, as the film can be easily damaged and it need’s someone who has been professionally trained to handle and install the film.
No, architectural window films are not recommended for application to auto glass.
All window films can be removed off glass, however some types maybe harder to remove than others. This depends on the type of film that is being removed and also how long the film has been on the glass.
Internal films are not recommended to be applied externally as this is due to the way the film has been processed, it would not be able to withstand the external weather and UV rays.
Yes, external films would be suitable for application internally
Only film that is specific for polycarbonates should be installed to polycarbonates, as polycarbonates have a high amount of out-gassing which means the adhesive on the film for glass would not be suitable for application on polycarbonates. The film would not adhere to the polycarbonate making the film bubble up and appear unsightly after a few days.