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Architectural Films

Privacy - One Way

A selection of window films from across our range – reflective, neutral or non-metallised tinted – providing you a choice of exterior appearance and level of one-way privacy.

Opalux Frosted

Translucent privacy screening films are used to give two-way privacy while still allowing a good level of natural light in through the window. The Privacy frosted vinyl’s can be plotter cut into any design or logo for your unique setting.


Reeded Glass Film

Reeded Glass Effect patterned film gives architects, designers, and specifiers, fresh scope for decorating and enhancing glass with a Reeded Glass effect in on partitioning and interior projects, in all types of office, commercial, retail, and residential buildings.

MACal Frosted

A translucent, high-performance indoor and outdoor film, ideal for producing decoration of windows and glass decor for an etched, frosted or sandblasted effect. They are available in 2 matt finishes; Frosted and Dusted.


Vision Control Film

The Vision Control Film is the alternative to the original Lumisty product which has been discontinued, it provides a unique way of controlling the view. As you change your viewing angle, the glass changes its appearance from clear to frosted. With 4 different types of window film to choose from, Vision Control Film offers an effective solution to control visibility. Applying this film to a window enables controlled privacy and creates a novel effect.

UV Digital Printable Film

The UV printable film is used where a bespoke design is required on glass to upgrade the aesthetic appearance or incorporate company branding. It is an optically clear film which can be printed onto by most wide format UV cured ink-jet printers.