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Architectural Films


The Opalux range of patterned films gives architects, designers and specifiers fresh scope for decorating and enhancing glass in partitioning and interior projects in all types of office, commercial, retail and residential building.

Translucent Coloured Vinyl

MACal 9700 Pro Vinyls are a unique and creative way to add privacy to your rooms, while still allowing plenty of natural light into the room. They are manufactured in such a way as to guarantee uniform colour reproduction. 


Light Reduction

The Non-reflective Slate range are a non-metallised used for tinting clear glass, and are available in a range of shades. They are a great way to help control the light into a room without creating a mirrored external appearance. The lighter shades are mainly used for aesthetic reasons and to match existing tinted glass.


Light Blockout

These products offer 24-hour privacy, they cannot be seen through and are not translucent. This product is great to apply to glass partitions where you are needing to hide clutter or shelves that are close to the glass.

Coloured Tints

The Opalux Art Colours are a brilliant way to give a striking effect to any glass. These tinted films are a great decorative film as they maintain the optical clarity. 

Transparent Coloured Vinyl

MACcrystal 8400 Vinyls are a glossy transparent film used as a decorative film to enhance the appearance of the glass without hindering vision through. It is manufactured in such a way so as to guarantee uniform colour reproduction, and is coated with a long-life durable adhesive.


Light Diffuser

3M Light diffuser products are neutral density translucent films which have been developed to offer better light diffusion and uniformity across the entire sign face. They control brightness and distribute the light evenly within light boxes removing hotspots or stripes in the face of the sign.

Opaque Coloured Vinyl

The MACal 9800 Pro Vinyls are a high performance vinyl designed for long term interior and exterior graphic applications. The MACal 9800 Pro SL are very intense and luminous colours for attractive graphics with a white adhesive to them. The MACal 9800 Pro provide ideal conformability over simple contours. They are all coated with a durable permanent adhesive giving excellent dimensional stability.


Opalux Glass Manifestations film products are for up-grading glazing in accordance with Health & Safety recommendations which advocate the marking of large uninterrupted glazes areas; specifically, the Workplace (Health, Safety & welfare) Regulations 1992


The Anti-Fog window film products are designed for where condensation appears on window glazing, this is often due to higher humidity. These products are manufactured with a special anti-condensation layer designed to spread the water across the surface of the glass to help maintain better vision through.

Shade Material

Shade Material is an excellent alternative to window film, where you may want privacy and sometimes you may not. They allow the natural light to come into the room while still controlling the unwanted heat and glare unlike fabric shades.