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Even the most specialised external solar control film can be ordered here at Stockfilms

We have discussed previously here on the Stockfilms blog how our external films for rejecting solar glare and heat gain differ in construction from their internally applied counterparts, having been made specifically to be weather resistant in the face of otherwise damaging ultra-violet (UV) rays.

However, there may be circumstances in which you seek a non-metallised externally applied window film that nonetheless still helps greatly to reduce solar heat or glare through the glazing. Thankfully, we have several such solutions from which you can choose in our present product selection.

An entirely clear solar and heat control solution is available

Are you on the lookout for external solar control film that is virtually invisible to the casual observer – meaning a high level of light and vision can be provided – while also greatly lessening the amount of solar heat occupants of the building experience?

This is a set of needs that many clients of ours – such as restaurants, shops and showrooms – have, and the SO-70IR-eSR External Specialist Heat Control Clear Film of the Opalux brand may just be the most suitable form of window film for this purpose.

The SO-70IR-eSR film’s credentials as a clear solar control film can barely be doubted – absorbing, as it does, 52% of solar energy and reflecting another 9%, while transmitting 75% of visible light. It also blocks as much as 99% of UV transmission through the windows, which helps to ensure the given site’s carpets, curtains, furniture and floors last for longer without deteriorating.

Alternatively, go for a tinted option

Opalux is also the manufacturer of a non-reflective grey/black tinted exterior grade film (SO-10NRG-eSR) that fulfils a very different need of creating one-way privacy effects. Nonetheless, it, too, excels in alleviating solar glare problems, screening 99% of UV light and absorbing 41% of solar energy.

This film may be chosen for settings where occupants could otherwise be hampered by the discomfort caused by excessive solar gain, as well as glaring reflections off computer and display screens. During the daytime, its outer appearance is a grey/black tint, which becomes a much less noticeable light tint when viewed from the inside. 

For every form of highly rated internal and externally applied solar control film, no matter how specialised your requirements may be, there’s no need to look further than our broad range here at Stockfilms. So why not call our team for a quote today, on 020 8441 0449?