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Film Installation

Please read thoroughly before unpacking or handling filmdownload documentation

Applications are NOT RECOMMENDED in the following situations:

  • when outside temperatures are below 5° C.

  • to rough or cast glass surfaces.
  • to any surface that curves in two directions.

WINDOW FILM is a very thin sheet of material that requires handling with great care. Creases and folding must be avoided and applications need to be carried out in a draught and dust free situation.

PREPARATION AND PRE-CLEANING is vitally important and care must be taken to flush any dirt particles out of the window frame. Some airborne dust may get under the film, but this is difficult to avoid completely and its presence will not affect the performance of the installation.

DURING DRYING OUT some haziness will be evident but this will disappear and dry out over a 2-4 week period (depending on the thickness of the film).

CLEAN as a normal window after 4 weeks but only with a soft leather or cloth and clean water. Never use anything abrasive on the surface of the film.

PATTERNED GLASS in the case of patterned glass, apply the film only to the smooth surface.

INTERNAL GLASS the product can be applied to either side.

WARNINGDo not install reflective or tinted film on any of the following surfaces without consulting Stockfilms.

  • Low-E Glass
  • Self-Cleaning Glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Textured Glass
  • Laminated Glass

Do not install any film on plastic glass substitutes without consulting Stockfilms.

Important note to customer:
It is the users’ responsibility to ensure the product is suitable for the intended use. The seller shall not be liable for any direct or consequential loss howsoever arising.

Window Film Fitting Instructions

You will need:

  • Spray Bottle
  • Ruler
  • Single edge razor blades
  • Trimming Knife
  • Window Cleaning Squeegee
  • Application squeegee
  • Paper towel


How to fit window film:

Window Preparation:

Make a slip solution in a spray bottle with 1tsp Film-on Application solution to 1 pint of cold water. This product is the best recommended, however if you do not have this available Johnsons Baby shampoo will work.
Place a dust sheet below the window you are working on

Wet the window with solution and scrape entire surface with razor scraper. Remove any paint, varnish or other foreign matter.
Using the window cleaning squeegee, squeegee the water off the window checking the glass surface is very clean and dust free

Film preparation:

  • Lay the window film out on a large clean surface. 
  • Cut the window film to at least 10mm wider than the window.

Release Liner Removal:

  • There will be a liner on the adhesive side. Pressure sensitive adhesive sticks to anything with which it comes in contact. Don’t let it touch anything but the glass on which it is to be installed. 
  • To see which side the liner is, apply 2 pieces of adhesive tape to each side of the product and the clear liner will come away from the film.
  • Thoroughly wet the glass with some slip solution and place the film on the glass with the liner facing you. 
  • As you pull the liner off the film, begin to spray adhesive surface with solution, completely soaking exposed adhesive. Make sure that 100% of the adhesive is wet.

Film Application:

  • Carefully reverse the film onto the glass so the adhesive side is now in contact with the glass. Keep the film straight, do not allow the film to crease or wrinkle as it will not flatten out on application
  • Position film by gently sliding on the wet surface and smoothing out large air bubbles.
  • Ensure all glass area is covered by film
  • Wet the film facing you with slip solution.
  • The squeegee angle should be high to prevent scratching the film (as seen in the picture)
  • The first stroke should be horizontal from the centre to each side across the top of the window.
  • Then squeegee from the centre down about 300mm to create a “T” shape.
  • Starting at the top, work your way from the centre, out sideways to the edge, overlapping the squeegee runs. Repeat until all excess application solution has been squeegeed out from under film and film is lying flat.

Film Trimming:

  • Using your ruler and place it on the end at the edge of the window.
  • Using the trimming knife trim the excess film and repeat for all the other edges. Remove the excess film.
  • Repeat entire squeegee procedure. A firm pressure is necessary to effect a strong bond.
  • Finally, using a wad of paper towels to completely remove all excess water. Always work from the centre into the corner.