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Window Films

Bring both patterns and practicality to your building’s windows in 2020

Often in life, cosmetic considerations interact with practical ones, which is certainly something keenly appreciated by many of the purchasers of our window films here at Stockfilms.

When we say this, we could be easily referring to the highly reflective or low-mirror anti-glare window films that have also helped so many specifiers and end users to reject excessive heat gain within their buildings.

There’s a wide range of ways in which window films can bolster safety and security

Such is the astounding versatility of the leading window films, that you may not have even fully appreciated – whether as a specifier or end user – just how many functions these products can serve.

Our broad selection of safety and security-oriented window films is an excellent case in point – so, what products do we offer in these category, and for what purposes?

Clear Safety films can provide invaluable protection

Our dedicated safety and security window films can be depended on in all manner of contexts

As pleased as we are here at Stockfilms to be able to supply window films across a range of categories that can be instrumental in safeguarding the people and possessions within the buildings to which they are applied, we can also provide especially impressive dedicated safety and security films. These include internal, external and combined safety window films.

There are many ways in which the right film can boost safety

Here are just some of the things our solar control window films can do

Whether it is aesthetic or practical considerations that have most motivated you as a specifier or end-user to browse and compare the wide range of window films on the market, it’s easy to overlook the many different purposes that the right product can fulfil.

Our solar control films here at Stockfilms, for instance, address requirements that go far beyond what their names may imply. Here are just a few of the things that they can do.

Prevent a building’s interior from becoming uncomfortably warm

Oversee the successful application of our window films with these top tips

With our wealth of highly relevant and effective automotive and architectural window films from such in-demand brands as Opalux, 3M, MACal and American Standard Window Film, we can bring you the product that will best suit the needs of your business or customers.

However, do you know how to install your ordered window film once it has arrived? If you haven’t applied window films previously or for a while, these tips may help.

Have the essential materials and tools at the ready