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Solar Heat and Glare Control

Should you be using an internal or external solar control window film?

If you are reading this blog post at all, it is likely that you already understand some of the broad benefits window film can have for solar heat and glare control. Whether it is installed at a residential or commercial premises, the right window film can make a significant difference to the comfort of such buildings' occupants, while reducing pressure on air conditioning systems.

Our solar heat and glare control film offers so much more than solar heat and glare control

If there's any time of year when end users and specifiers - or even just those with any level of responsibility for a building - can be at risk of underestimating the risk of excessive heat and troublesome glare, it is the winter months.

After all, you might think that during seasons when it isn't especially sunny or hot most of the time, going out of your way to improve a premises' level of solar heat and glare control would be a waste of time, money and effort.

You’ve got plenty of options for internally applied low mirror window films

Deciding between different window films intended to enhance solar heat and glare control isn’t just about comparing the performance statistics for these products. That’s because, whether you are an end-user or specifier, aesthetic considerations will always come into play, and it is here where our low mirror window films for internal application can truly prove their worth.

Our internal low mirror window film strikes a great balance between appearance, solar heat and glare control

It’s difficult to know where to start in any discussion of our low mirror window films for internal application here at Stockfilms, not least because they have such profound benefits from both an aesthetic and practical standpoint.

Yes, these window films may deliver great performance as far as solar heat and glare control are concerned, but they are also frequently chosen on account of their understated, less reflective appearance compared to some other films you may be tempted to consider.

Stockfilms’ internal tinted window films offer solar heat and glare control, without the mirrored look

Solar glare and UV radiation are persistent problems in many properties that can only be cost-effectively solved with the installation of window film that has been designed specifically to control such issues. However, as a specifier or end-user, you may not desire a high level of external reflection, as occurs when traditional mirrored films are fitted.