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Heat Control Films

Don’t just think about temperatures when you’re comparing heat control films!

With this time of year typically seeing sunnier skies and lengthier daylight hours, it’s understandable that you may look to the residential or commercial buildings for which you have responsibility, and wonder whether heat control films are the answer for lowering the temperatures inside.

This New Year, why not invest in the right heat control films for your property?

January may be the month in which many of us customarily head back to the office after a well-earned festive break, but it is also supposed to be a time of entirely new beginnings.

Indeed, one way in which your own New Year may turn out to be precisely that, is if you make steps to better regulate the changes of temperature at your premises that may otherwise threaten to make your workplace a less-than-hospitable one for many of your staff.

There are many potential solutions for controlling office temperatures

Our internal low-mirror films make as much sense in the winter as they do in the summer

It would probably not be overly bold a statement to suggest that heat control films are largely associated with the task of repelling excessive solar glare and heat gain at the height of the summer months, rather than necessarily reducing heat loss from a building during colder periods.

It is important, however, to acknowledge that such window films can be genuinely invaluable right through the year.

Make sure you only purchase heat control films that also make perfect aesthetic sense

It doesn’t exactly surprise us here at Stockfilms that we receive so many enquiries about heat control films at this time of year, when temperatures are at their most elevated. However, it’s also vital that if you are a specifier or end-user looking to invest in such window films, you are aware of the other requirements these products must fulfil in the context of your particular application.

Do you need to lessen the heat that passes through your retail store's windows?

While we are a go-to source of all manner of renowned heat control films here at Stockfilms - catering to so many individuals' and organisations' needs for a solution that repels excessive heat gain from getting into their buildings - there can be one key drawback with many of the window films that we supply.

Consider our heat control films that are designed specifically for polycarbonate windows

When you have a polycarbonate window or rooflight through which the sun’s rays can easily penetrate and compromise your enjoyment of the given space, it makes sense to consider the wealth of dedicated heat control films on the market.

However, you could easily find yourself purchasing a standard reflective film that does not adhere cleanly to the plastic surface of your windows, due to having been conceived for application to glass.