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Anti-glare Window Films

The need to reduce glare isn’t the only great reason to purchase anti-glare window films

Are you likely to be particularly motivated to have anti-glare window films fitted at a property for which you have responsibility, if glare is only likely to be an occasional or seasonal problem for the building’s occupants?

You might have imagined not. However, the reality is that a need to lessen the amount of glare experienced in a given interior space is not the only good reason to arrange the installation of anti-glare window films from the Stockfilms range.

Anti-glare window films don’t cease to be important once the summer passes

The reasons why you may look to purchase window film for a building with the specific intention of better protecting its occupants from the adverse affects of glare are fairly obvious in the summer – but does that mean it isn’t so vital to have such window film in place come the autumn?

Protect against glare for longer with our externally applied window films

We realise here at Stockfilms that when you are in the market for anti-glare window films to better ensure the comfort of your organisation's workers, it might not be feasible to install any film that you purchase from the inside of the given building. Internal access to the relevant windows may not be possible or easy, or the type of glazing involved may not lend itself to the interior application of window film.

Why are dedicated anti-glare window films so necessary?

Glare is one of those everyday problems that so many of us may forget even exists if we are fortunate enough to work in an environment in which measures have been taken to reduce or eliminate it. Unfortunately, glare – which can be defined as either too much light or excessive contrast between high and low levels of luminance in a single field of view – can present itself on certain premises to such an extent that solutions may need to be sought.

We have just the right reflective anti-glare window films for your needs

Excessive glare through a building’s windows is a menace for more than a few reasons. It is certainly not helpful in the workplace, given that it makes computer screens difficult to see, which is detrimental to productivity. This is quite aside from the issue of interiors being susceptible to overheating when sunlight comes into direct contact with glazing.