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Easing the load on cooling equipment

Project type: 
Superstore, Loughborough
Film type: 
Reflective Window Film - Internal
Superstore, Loughborough

Overhead glazing provides a good source of natural light into this superstore in Loughborough, Leicestershire. However, unwanted heat and glare from the sun through overhead glass had caused refrigeration units to heat up and become inefficient, made flowers on display wither and die, and dazzled customers and staff. 

The problem was corrected by installing a reflective solar control window film on the inside face of the glazing. Working at night during weekends when the store was closed, Reflective Silver 20 was installed on the overhead glass. The film rejects 78% of solar heat and reduces glare by 82%. It cut down heat and glare to an acceptable level and proved to be an economic and practical alternative to replacing the glazing.

The Silver 20 film used at Loughborough was chosen specifically for its solar control properties. Opalux also produces films which fulfil other needs. These include safety and security anti-shatter films and those which reduce fading on carpets, curtains and shops merchandise.