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5 great reasons to purchase frosted window films

Frosted window films have long been a popular investment for all manner of settings, on account of their winning combination of versatility, durability and aesthetic appeal.

What are some of the best reasons to buy them for your own premises?

          1. They enable a more peaceful working environment

Window frosting helps to provide a sense of calm that may otherwise not be the case in an especially busy work setting, by blocking out the hubbub and distractions of the outside world.

          2. They give your workers greater privacy

When you apply frosted window films to your workplace’s internal glass walls, windows and doors, your employees will benefit from the greater privacy that will enable them to feel more comfortable in getting on with their work.

However, your staff’s privacy can also be enhanced by frosted films fitted to your external windows if, for example, your building is close to another building from which it is possible to peer into your office.

         3. They enhance your building’s appearance

Frosted window films can play a key role in ensuring that your workplace looks at its best from both the inside and outside, wooing potential and visiting clients as well as providing your employees with a pleasanter backdrop on which to work.

The right choice of window frosting film, well-fitted, will lend your building a much more sophisticated, elegant and timeless look than blinds or drapes can offer. 

         4.They make your office safer and more secure

The natural effect that frosted window films have of obscuring what can be seen inside your office will prevent any temptation for burglars.

         5. They allow in natural light in a non-harmful way

It’s well-known just how important it is for humans to be exposed to natural light on a regular basis, but harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays can create a risk to health, as well as damage your workplace’s furnishings and fittings.

Our frosted window films here at Stockfilms give you greater lighting control, allowing natural light to flood into your premises while blocking UV rays.


Peruse the selection of acclaimed frosted window films available at Stockfilms right now, and we are sure that you will be amazed by their incredible assortment of potential applications. Then, call our team – on 020 8441 0449 – for a competitive quote.


Our automotive window films have wide-ranging benefits

When you hear about a friend, family member or work colleague having their car’s windows tinted, you might wonder why that is the case. It’s easy for many people to presume that the only reason to have one’s car windows tinted would be the enhanced privacy that it provides, or even the distinctive aesthetic of windows treated in such a way.

However, there are actually many more reasons to purchase automotive window films like those that we offer here at Stockfilms. Here are a few of them.

The reduction of UV rays

Automotive window films are great for resisting the amount of damaging UV radiation that reaches you and your passengers, which – given the association with skin ageing and skin cancer – can surely only be a good thing. Remember that UV rays and solar heat can also cause your car’s interior upholstery and plastics to deteriorate faster.

Enhanced security

If would-be thieves can’t see into your car as easily, it’ll be harder for them to see anything in your vehicle that could be worth stealing – the likelihood is that they’ll simply move onto the next car. This is especially so given that a window film would also serve as an extra barrier to any crime by holding pieces of smashed glass in place, thereby making any prospective burglary more awkward.

We offer an incredible range of appealing window films

There’s no such thing as just one type of automotive window film, just like there’s no single reason why people wish to have one applied to their car.

This is why we offer such an extensive range of them, from the Retro non-reflective film that combines cutting-edge technological benefits with a classic look, right through to the Excel Series of colour-stable non-reflective dyed film with a layer of metallised film.

Why simply read about the benefits of automotive window films without exploring the exact ones that could be perfect for your vehicle? Discover the full range that we offer here at Stockfilms, and we’re confident that you will be amazed by their sophistication, value and suitability to your needs.



Why should you choose Stockfilms for architectural window films?

If it isn’t immediately obvious to you what applications architectural window films can have, that may be partly because their sheer range of potential purposes is so vast, as we are well-placed to educate you on here at Stockfilms.

Central to any discussion of the merits of our company’s services is our own extremely comprehensive product range.

We stock the complete range of Opalux products, in fact, as well as offerings from various other respected brands. This means that whatever requirements you may have, you can be confident of finding the right solution with us.

Window films for every conceivable application

Are you in need of architectural window films to preserve the safety of the glass at your premises, whether you wish to strengthen it against breakage or hold dangerous shards of shattered glass in place if damage has already occurred? In that case, our Clear Safety – Internal glass could be the perfect solution.

Alternatively, you may be looking to partition your office in aesthetically appealing ways, in which case, our Opalux patterned films could suit your needs.

Or perhaps you require something like our external reflective window film that is of weather resistant construction and incorporates additional UV barriers to guard against any chance of degradation due to sunshine exposure?

We can offer a vast range of other highly specialised solutions, such as translucent privacy screening films, translucent coloured vinyl, coloured tints, low mirror internal window film and temporary protection film, among others.

But the truly important thing to know is that whatever architectural window films you could possibly need, you can count on Stockfilms being able to provide them.

But it isn’t just about our product range

Stockfilms’ appeal extends well beyond our product selection. We have, after all, been active in the specification and handling of window films since 1976, and in the intervening time period, we have developed a stellar reputation for honesty, reliability and quality in everything that we do.

If you don’t have the exact architectural window films in stock that you need, we will endeavour to supply a suitable alternative, while our all-round service is also nothing less than prompt and professional. We are also recognised for the industry-leading standard of technical support that we provide to customers and prospects alike.

Call us now, on 020 8441 0449, to receive a quote and even, if you so desire, a free A4 sample of all of our products. When it comes to architectural window films, we’re committed to helping you to make the right choice, first time out, with the minimum of fuss and at the right price.