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Oversee the successful application of our window films with these top tips

With our wealth of highly relevant and effective automotive and architectural window films from such in-demand brands as Opalux, 3M, MACal and American Standard Window Film, we can bring you the product that will best suit the needs of your business or customers.

However, do you know how to install your ordered window film once it has arrived? If you haven’t applied window films previously or for a while, these tips may help.

Have the essential materials and tools at the ready

Before you commence with fitting the window film, you will need to have certain essential items to hand, including a spray bottle, ruler, single edge razor blades, trimming knife, window cleaning squeegee, application squeegee and paper towel.

Make sure the surface and conditions are right

We would urge you not to apply our window films to rough or cast glass surfaces or to any architectural window glazing surface that curves in two directions. Nor should you attempt to apply the film when outside temperatures drop below 5° C or if there is risk of freezing conditions overnight following installation.

Thoroughly clean the window prior to application

This is the single most important step if you wish to install your film with the best possible results. You can do this by placing a dust sheet on the floor or carpet adjacent to the window on which you’ll be working, before washing the window with the solution and squeegee and scraping the entire surface with the razor scraper.

A microfiber cloth or low-lint cloth should be used to clean the edges of the glass and frame, followed by washing and squeegeeing again and wiping the edges carefully with a paper towel.

Take great care in handling the film

Our window films are very thin, so can be vulnerable to creases, folding, draught and dust when not carefully handled. This, in turn, may greatly compromise your ability to achieve a smooth result when applying your film.

Do not clean the window immediately after application

Instead, allow four weeks to pass before cleaning the window like a normal window. However, even then, you should only use soft leather or a cloth and clean water, rather than anything abrasive.

Consult the film installation section of our website here at Stockfilms to learn more about how you can ensure the most successful application of our window films, time and time again. Alternatively, if you are yet to order any window films from us, please call us for a quote on 020 8441 0449.


Don’t look anywhere else for window film accessories

Whether it is your own company or your firm’s customers that wish to make use of our acclaimed architectural or automotive window films, it makes sense to have the right accessories to hand – and you cannot expect to find a better selection of such accessories than those we are pleased to make available here at Stockfilms.

Having been in the window film industry since 1976, we are well-placed to appreciate what the users of such films require if they are to get the best out of them.

This is why our complete range of window film accessories includes no shortage of handled and card squeegees and replacement blades – so whether you’re in need of brass soft squeegees, card squeegee sharpeners, crusher handles, Teflon cards, the Go Doctor Blue or all manner of similar items, we’re confident that we’ll have them in stock for you.

But there’s more to our range than that...

Alternatively, it may be that you are in need of any number of scrapers from brands such as Triumph and Unger, made from plastic, metal or stainless steel. Or perhaps you could benefit from knives, trimmers, rulers, snap-off blades or specialist auto tools such as Wilde gasket pullers, FilmOpaquer black felt pen or ‘Do Not Roll Down’ stickers?

Another well-stocked category among our window film accessories is that of sprayers, chemicals and cleaning products – whether you’re looking for microfiber cloth, a nylon scrub pad, bottle of Film-On application solution, Plexus silicone spray or tint-off adhesive remover, we’ve got it all here at Stockfilms.

We also have various glass meters, testers and indicators in stock, together with the likes of application toolkits, film cutting machines and even protective and work wear to help ensure that your employees are as equipped as they can be to undertake the full breadth of window film application and removal jobs.

We are a trusted name in window films

Our reputation for the wholesale distribution of both architectural and automotive window film is second to none here at Stockfilms – we are known across the UK for our honesty, reliability and outstanding products, customer service and technical support.

In short, there really couldn’t be a better single company from which to source a formidable selection of window film accessories on a wholesale basis. Why not enquire now about the products that will best serve your own company?

We offer a strong assortment of automotive American Standard Window Film

The American Standard Window Film brand is one of the most renowned in the window film industry, as is demonstrated in part by a selection of its products that we have available here at Stockfilms. From its new factory located in Las Vegas, Nevada, American Standard Window Film – a division of Erickson International, LLC – continues to produce high-quality window films catering to the needs of users not only in its native US, but also right here in the UK.

On browsing our range of automotive window films from the American Standard Window Film brand here at Stockfilms, you will immediately notice that there are three series of films available – Retro, Impulse and Excel.  

What does each of these window film series do?

As you may have guessed from the name, the Retro series is a collection of automotive window films that celebrates the nostalgic style of the past, albeit also with advancements for today. It is a non-reflective film with a classic appearance, but which also incorporates sophisticated technology to ensure an excellent level of colour stability and clarity.

Retro is also a superb choice of automotive window film on account of its ultraviolet rejection of 99%, as well as its comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty and variety of available roll widths, the latter helping to minimise waste.

With Retro also being a highly installer-friendly film, offering excellent heat-shrinking, sitting down well on the dot matrix and incorporating a very good scratch-resistant coating, it should be no surprise that this is the bestselling American Standard Window Film automotive film in the UK.

Another highly regarded series of automotive films from American Standard Window Film is Excel, which is a non-reflecting black colour stable dyed film that offers a high level of durability to both professionals and consumers.

Finally, we can also offer Impulse, which is for customers who want a metallised rather than non-metallised film. It is a colour-stable charcoal film complete with a reflective metallised layer, making it a great choice when both comfort and an attractive appearance are priorities for you from your choice of automotive film.

Discover our all-encompassing American Standard Window Film range today

Whatever you could conceivably require from automotive window film, there is likely to be an option from American Standard Window Film that represents the perfect match to those needs.

Why not browse our current online selection of films from this renowned brand on our website today, before getting in touch with us on 020 8441 0449 to request a competitive quote?

Invest in our light-block films for true 24-hour privacy at your premises

If you desire a type of architectural window film that will provide absolute privacy at your organisation’s premises – preventing people from seeing through your windows to the contents inside – it is our light-block films that represent the ideal solution.

The main advantage of these films is that they provide genuine 24-hour privacy – they are not translucent (semi-transparent), so it is not possible for anyone to see through them at any time of the day or night. You may therefore apply them to glass partitions where there is a need to conceal clutter or shelves that are close to the glass.

What are your options from our selection of light blockout films?

The solutions from which you can choose when you are purchasing light-block films at Stockfilms include 3mil Blackout, which is totally opaque and blocks out all daylight or artificial light through the window or lightbox, and 3mil Whiteout, which blocks all vision through the glass but still allows a small amount (10%) of natural light through the glass. Both of these films are manufactured by Opalux.

There are two more trade light blockout films that we stock from Opalux, namely the Blackout Removable and Whiteout Removable films.

The former is a removable privacy film that blocks out all daylight or artificial light through the window or lightbox and is completely opaque, making it a good choice for temporary installations where all vision needs to be controlled – for example, during building works.

However, if you require your trade privacy film to still be removable and to block all vision through the glass, but to still let in a small percentage of natural light, it is Opalux’s Trade Whiteout Removable film that is most likely to interest you.

3M is another renowned manufacturer of light-block films

The other brand that is represented in our current selection of light blockout films here at Stockfilms is 3M. It produces the Black Light Blockout film that is a white blockout film with a white backing, as well as the White Light Blockout film, which has the same specifications, except that it has a black backing.

Both of these 3M films are used to control light flow in internally illuminated signs. They both have very good external durability, and are suitable for first or second surfaces of clear acrylic or glass to create special sign effects.

Remember that the light management films available to purchase from Stockfilms also include such options as light reduction and light diffuser films. This means that we have all of the window films your firm needs to control the light that enters its premises in the most suitable manner in each and every application. 


Combined safety films provide the protection your building’s occupants need

Given the various risks that glass windows can present at your organisation’s premises, it is understandable that you may wish to invest in combined safety films that provide a level of protection against several dangers at the same time.

This is a line of products that we can provide here at Stockfilms, in the form of the highly respected Opalux brand’s multi-laminate combined solar, safety and security films that have found widespread use among Government and commercial organisations.

Our combined safety films are especially frequently chosen by customers that value high-performance safety in their choice of window film, along with the typical benefits of a solar control film.

We have a range of options to suit your needs

When your main priority from a combined safety film is to keep your staff safe as they move around your premises’ glass windows, you may be interested in our 100-micron safety films.These include Silver 20, which provides the benefits of heat and glare control, as well as visual privacy, incorporated into a safety film that will protect your building’s users if they fall against the glass and cause damage.

Our 100-micron Silver 35 option, meanwhile, also provides good glare and heat control, screening potentially harmful UV rays, but allows in a more abundant level of light than Silver 20, while still providing a degree of privacy and physical protection for your building’s occupants.

Or, when you feel that your organisation requires greater privacy from its combined safety films than the products above can provide, you may take an interest in our 150-micron Matt White frosted film, which has a suitably frosted effect.

Finally, we can also give you the benefit of dual-ply 200-micron Silver 20 film, which is designed to protect against both bomb blasts and intruders who may attempt to break the glass to gain entrance. It also screens out 99% of UV radiation to help to minimise the fading and deterioration of your building’s soft furnishings.

Call Stockfilms today for a quote

Having been in the window film industry since 1976, Stockfilms has an exceptional reputation for the wholesale distribution of architectural window films, including combined safety films.

Request your quote from our team today to benefit from the most suitable and highest-quality combined safety film for your organisation’s requirements, together with prompt and professional service and outstanding technical support. 


How patterned and decorative films can support your company’s promotional efforts

Are you always looking for fresh and interesting ways to spread the word about your business? Indeed, effective promotion isn’t just about gaining customers – it’s also about cultivating loyalty among those that already benefit from your company’s services.

Both of these objectives can be achieved with greater ease when you invest in patterned and decorative films for your firm's windows.

Make a more colourful impression

Your company might already be utilising a wide range of marketing methods. These may include emailing promotional material, sending out flyers and paying to cover advertising boards. However, have you seriously considered the promotional merits of patterned and decorative films?

After all, if you already use marketing materials to heighten your target audience’s awareness of your corporate branding, it surely makes sense to also introduce such branding to the windows of your premises. It’s perfectly possible with the coloured tinted films that we can supply from the trusted manufacturer, Opalux.

These films are known as Opalux Art Colours, which are available in colours including amber, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow. In addition, they enable you to preserve a certain level of clarity through the glass so that other, more typical uses of your premises' windows do not have to be compromised.

Put your firm's logo in even more places

Using your company’s building as a marketing tool is crucial because if you don't advertise that your business is there, how can you expect many people to even know it is there?

Fortunately, we can also supply patterned films that you can use to add other visual elements of your company's brand identity to your building's windows. These elements can include your logo, thereby making it easier for people to quickly identify your firm.

We can meet even highly specialised requirements

You are free to browse our website at your leisure to discover the true breadth of our options when it comes to patterned and decorative films.

You might have specific requirements for the width of the films that you purchase, or you may be especially anxious to balance promotional objectives with a desire for workplace privacy.

Rest assured that we can consider all of these factors when offering a quote; call us on 020 8441 0449 for a more in-depth discussion of your needs. 


How different types of window film can be helpful in the home

In the typical home, there are various potential problems - including excessive heat or glare, lax privacy and fading furniture - that can be prevented, solved or diminished with the use of window films. These films could even bring financial savings to a household in the long term.

They can reduce oppressive heat

There are various possible drawbacks of an excessively hot home during the summer months. For example, a refrigerator can become compromised in efficiency, while flowers on windowsills can wither and die. However, a solar control film installed on the inside of a home’s windows may assist in rectifying the problem of overabundant heat.

They can make TV and computer screens easier to see

Imagine settling down on the sofa to watch your favourite TV show or taking a chair in your home office to begin work on your computer, only to find the screen is obscured by glare.

This can happen when too much light enters the home. However, homeowners don't necessarily have to say goodbye to that pleasant view outside. Instead, they could invest in a reflective window film. This move can save their displays from a washed-out look, as the window film will use solar control to reduce the amount of screen glare.

They can enhance privacy

If a person lives in a neighbourhood where there are many other houses - or buildings of other types, such as business premises - very close to their own, there could be adverse privacy implications.

It's not necessary for homeowners to simply settle for that feeling of living in a goldfish bowl. That’s because they could benefit from frosted window films that provide complete privacy throughout the day and night.

Our stock of these films includes an Opalux frosted variety that, although translucent, can provide privacy each way while still letting a decent amount of natural light through the window.

These are just a few of the many ways in which our architectural window films here at Stockfilms can enhance the lives of homeowners – so why not contact our team now for a competitive quote?  

Don't choose any other supplier of UV digital printable film

Many businesses have areas of glass on their premises that they would like to visually enhance with a bespoke design, often incorporating the branding of the company. It is for such a purpose that our UV digital printable film exists.

This optically clear film can be printed onto by the majority of wide format UV cured inkjet printers, making it very easy and convenient for your organisation to use. 

What are the advantages of choosing our UV printable digital film?

Even if you only opt for our thinner 50 micron UV printable film, you will still benefit from a high-quality, distortion-free solution that helps to ensure your images stand out clearly on glass surfaces.

We offer UV printable digital film in both 50 micron and 100 micron variants, with even the former offering such advantages as a high level of optical clarity, ease of installation and the screening of harmful UV rays. This film is also PVC-free, so is even an environmentally friendly choice.

So if your organisation simply needs a UV printable film that provides a clear, non-tinted appearance on glass, is quick and straightforward to apply and can help to reduce fading to your interior furnishings over time, the 50 micron variant will more than suffice.

However, when you choose the 100 micron version, you can also look forward to an enhanced scratch resistant coating that is suitable for most non-abrasive window cleaning methods.

The other factors that should guide your choice

The above isn't the only difference between the 50 micron and 100 micron versions of our UV digital printable film.

They also vary in terms of the width options that can be specified for them - 1250mm (49.2"), 1550mm (61") or 1828mm (72") in the case of the former, and 914mm (36”), 1219mm (48”) or 1524mm (60") in the case of the latter.

Then, there's simply the matter of why you should specifically purchase such UV digital printable film from Stockfilms. We are no less than one of the UK's leading stockists and distributors of architectural window films, including the entire range of Opalux products, while we are also known for our honesty, reliability and outstanding service.

It all means that when you're looking for the complete solution as far as UV digital printable film is concerned, Stockfilms is the only supplier that you ever need to choose, time and time again.

What benefits could our manifestation dots bring to your workplace?

Even if you have never before encountered the term 'manifestation dots', you will have encountered this window solution itself. It resembles a series of dots or squares across a window, which helps to ensure that the users of your workplace are aware of the presence of glass and do not therefore walk into it, potentially suffering injury as a result.

Here at Stockfilms, we are leading providers of glass manifestation film products that enable you to upgrade your firms' glazing to help comply with health and safety recommendations that large uninterrupted glazed areas be marked to make them easier to spot.

Manifestation film isn't just about safety

If your workplace is home to such large glazed areas, you should be aware of the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992, Regulations 14, which states that "every window or other transparent or translucent surface in a wall or partition... door or gate shall, where necessary for reasons of health or safety... be appropriately marked or incorporate features so as, in either case, to make it apparent".

However, safety is not the only reason to invest in manifestation marking, particularly when it takes the form of miniature logos in acid-etched film that also help to discreetly reinforce your organisation's visual branding to both employees and visitors.

Indeed, manifestation markings can take various forms, including dots, squares, stripes and bespoke designs repeated at appropriated intervals and heights.

Make us your choice for high-quality manifestation dots

For customers that do not require a bespoke solution, here at Stockfilms, we are proud to offer Opalux Glass Manifestations film from stock, in the form of 50mm dots or squares.

These films are already pre-cut, weeded and masked, meaning that all you need to do is install them. We provide our manifestation dots and squares in a small, compact box with a re-sealable lid, which enables you to preserve the condition of any unused dots or squares in the event that you need them in the future.

The provision of our manifestation film on-the-roll not only makes it easy to carry around, but also gives you the luxury of not having to use it all in one go if you may need it for other jobs.

There really couldn't be a more user-friendly product for those in need of all of the benefits of window manifestation - and it's available now from Stockfilms. Simply get in touch with our professional team now to learn more about pricing. 


Our anti-fog window films can help to tackle condensation

Window condensation is one of those things that we all have to deal with from time to time. We may wake up on a morning before work and find our car windshield misted up, forcing us to turn on the demisters... or you may have to wipe your bathroom mirror to even see yourself when brushing your teeth.

Nor is condensation just a problem in the domestic space. If you have responsibility for a swimming pool or sauna, for instance, you may have similar issues with glass enclosures becoming misted up, or if you run a retail store or supermarket, the condensation on your shop window or refrigerated display cabinets can be less than convenient.

Say goodbye to misted-up glazing

What is the answer to such problems with condensation? Anti-fog window films like those we provide here at Stockfilms could certainly be useful.

Our anti-fog window films are available in both 100-micron and 50-micron form, and incorporate a special anti-condensation layer that is designed to spread water across the surface of the glazing to which it is applied.

The result can be much-improved visibility for the benefit of both you and anyone else using the glass surface, helped further by the film’s clear and non-tinted nature.

Whichever of our anti-fog window films you choose, it can be applied to most types of glass. Installation is also quick, which makes it a viable alternative to the disruptive and expensive large-scale replacement of existing glazing. During the installation process itself, a protective liner on the face of the film also guards against it becoming scratched.

Experience our anti-fog window films for yourself

Our anti-fog window films can also screen Ultra-Violet (UV) rays to reduce fading to your home, office or other workplace’s interior furnishings. In addition, they are scratch resistant in the face of most non-abrasive window cleaning methods.

However, while our anti-fog window films have helped a wide range of customers to preserve visibility in their home, business or other property’s windows or mirrors, it is also important to note that many factors can cause condensation.

This is why we recommend that the user performs an in-situ trial with the product prior to purchasing. Simply call the Stockfilms team today, on 020 8441 0449, for a quote and to try out our anti-fog window films so that you can be sure of them being the right solution for you.