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Window Film

Temporary Protection film can be invaluable during building and restoration work

No building or site remains the same forever, and it may be that construction or restoration work is required, potentially putting nearby windows at risk of scratching or dirt.

It is with the aim of shielding such glass from harm that you may order the Temporary Protection film of the Opalux brand, with this solution also a good form of protection when panels of glass need to be handled, transported and installed.

What makes this window film such a wise investment?

Why should you be interested in our UV digital printable film?

Having been a key player in the window film industry for more than four decades, here at Stockfilms, we are always seeking out new and useful forms of window film to cater to the extremely wide-ranging needs of our customers.

This is why, within our extensive selection of privacy film, we are pleased to be able to provide UV digital printable film that represents an excellent solution for ensuring images applied to glass surfaces clearly stand out.

How does our UV printable film work?

For unique control of the view outside, choose our Vision Control Film

Long-time users of the highly innovative Lumisty window film will be well aware of how effective this film is in controlling what is visible or hidden from sight. Unfortunately, this product is now discontinued, but an alternative exists in the form of the Vision Control Film that we are delighted to be able to offer here at Stockfilms.

What coloured vinyl window film do we have to offer?

Among our extensive selection of lesser-known architectural window film – including such options as patterned and decorative films, manifestation dots and anti-fog films – you may have noticed that we also offer various coloured vinyls.

But what do these films actually do, and which options in our range might represent the best match for your organisation’s needs?

We provide coloured vinyl for every conceivable requirement

5 reasons to source your Window Film from Stockfilms

When your organisation is attempting to identify the best company from which to purchase window film on a wholesale basis, it is understandable that you may struggle to choose from a wide range of convincing-looking suppliers.

We therefore thought that to assist you with your decision-making, we would outline just a few reasons why Stockfilms is such a wise choice of window film provider.

        1. We have been around for longer than almost anyone else

Treat your window film well to make sure it lasts for longer

Whatever your reasons are for investing in our window film in the first place – whether you are motivated by the need for solar control, safety, privacy or even just great aesthetics – you will need to look after yours appropriately to ensure it continues to deliver exceptional performance for a long time to come.

What should I look out for after installation?

How to quickly and safely remove your existing window film

Amid your eagerness to invest in the right window film for your desired application, it can be easy to overlook the importance of how the film is to be removed from your glass when it is no longer required. You may need to remove your window film for all manner of sometimes unexpected reasons, so it is helpful to keep this guide to one side to consult whenever you need it in future.